Casa Bandha is a yoga and meditation center located in the heart of Manayunk, PA


Christine Bosch

Owner and Founder

RYT 200

The Ashtanga Yoga Lineage

Signature Formats

Mysore Style Ashtanga Vinyasa

 Traditional short form, primary series of Ashtanga. Breath centered. Limited teaching. In-studio. Teachers and experienced practitioners.


Casa Bandha's take on Ashtanga Remix. Slow flow into long-held postures. Playful. Hot beats. This practice will stimulate the senses and invite you to let go of the things that are no longer serving you. All levels.


This is a foundational practice deisgned to help you find stability and balance in your practice. Slow and steady. Challenging and motivating. Learn how to find your edge in each shape and come back wanting more.All levels.


The perfect way to unwind and create space in the body and mind. Relax is a yin practice designed to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and move you into the "rest and digest" response. Yin yoga is an intentional practice which targets the myofascia, or the tough tissue surrounding the bones, to gently massage and release tension. Think of this practice as a one hour self massage which slips you into heavenly savasana. You will have to peel yourself off the floor after this. All levels.


Guided mindfulness meditation. Learn to sit with yourself and become an observer of your breath. All levels.

Pictured: Owner Christine Bosch and long-time private client.

*All classes are currently offered online via ZOOM unless otherwise noted*

**To view our schedule and book a class please visit**



Drop-In $10

Good for any in-studio or online class

5 Class Pass $45

*expires 90 days from purchase date*

10 Class Pass $85

*expires 120 days from purchase*

Monthly Subscription $25

25% off class cards, workshops, and special events.

*Includes a 15% discount at Juice Dr. Philly and 20% discount at The Greyhound Cafe*

**A portion of all monthly unlimited memberships goes directly into the Casa Bandha Community Bank which allows us to offer weekly donation based classes and FREE yoga and recovery services to youth athletic organizations in the Philadelphia area.*


All private sessions are offered at the rate of $1 per minute. Packages available.



"Christine...You are the real deal.. you bring a lovely energy into your awesome studio space. Thank you for guiding us in our spiritual meditation and giving such profound readings. I am so grateful that you've helped me get back to my practice.


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